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1 Feb 2008

Vallée de Chamonix

Twelve pictures of the Chamonix Valley, taken in december 2007, are now online.

2 Dec 2007

15 Nov 2007

BNF and neighbourhood

Six pictures of The Bibliothèque Nationale François Mitterrand, and of its neighbourhood, are now online.

8 May 2007

January in Nice

A gallery of pictures taken during my stay in Nice in January has been uploaded.

18 Jan 2007

Random photographs

I've put online some very old photos I took in 2005 and 2006: a group of construction workers lifting something heavy (this picture was taken in Tallinn during ICFP 2005), an oriental lamp, and Paris's city hall's square on January 1st.

20 Feb 2006

Chinese New Year

Some pictures I took in Paris during the celebration for the Chinese New Year are now available.

29 Nov 2005

Frauenchiemsee island

At long last, I'm finally happy with the look of the pictures I took during the APPSEM II summer school. All of them feature Frauenchiemsee Island in Germany. Four galleries (somewhat arbitraty) are available: people, boats, lake and buildings. Night pictures are forthcoming.

19 Sep 2005

Munich main railway station

I've uploaded some pictures I took in Munich, on my way to the APPSEM workshop.

24 Aug 2005

Paris Plage

Some pictures of Paris Plage by night are now available.

Random photographs